02.13.14 | CURRENTLY

yes, my heart melted in costco.

THINKING: so, sometimes i get amazing thoughts in the middle of the night. or first thing in the morning. or when i'm doing something that is too important to just stop doing. and so i never write these thoughts down or anything and that blows. because, i always feel like they are these really good thoughts! the kind of thoughts that really make you think, ya know? anyway, i had another one tonight while i was giving claire a bath but because both of my hands were occupied with my child and under water, there was no way i was going to write anything down. and wouldn't you know that i can't remember what it was for the life of me. so i'm writing this to apologize for this post being a whole bunch of random nonsense. but again, it's my blog and i want to remember as much as i possibly can (which means i should write a heck of a lot more seeing as how i can't remember ANYTHING ANYMORE).

SMELLING: mochadoodle scentsy. i don't even know if i'm still a current scensty consultant. i should check into that..

DENYING: ok. landon is almost three. first off: how? and second: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. i think i'm in denial. i mean, i haven't bought one thing for a party (which he wants a zoo party, his decision). craziness. but anyway, being almost three comes with a lot of moodiness. i'm talking all the moods, people. and it seems so random all the time. like where did my sweet little boy go that was just here and who is this guy? it's rough.

HATING: teething. and cutting three teeth at once can almost kill ya. i feel so bad for my little big-cheeked girl and there's nothing that i can do for her. other than comfort her as best i can and give her some tylenol but golly, those teeth are in total control of my life. 

FIGHTING: sleep, again. (i feel like my blog should now be renamed to something like "sleep-y talk" because every blog post seems to talk about sleep, am i right?) so, claire's doing ooookay. justin will say she's doing great. he just handles less sleep a heck of a lot better than i do. landon, on the other hand, is flat-out being a turd when it comes to sleep. specifically the nap. he's basically refusing it. he does anything and everything he can think of to keep himself awake in his room at nap time. we've taken everything out of his room too, in hopes of limiting distractions but nope. not working. jumping on the bed, throwing all of his blankets/sheets on the floor, pulling all of his diapers out of the closet, etc. it's frustrating, to say the least. now i know we could totally just phase out the nap if he wasn't so darn cranky in the evening without one. i guess the one good thing is he pretty much falls asleep whenever we decide to put him down for the night. which tonight was 730 because hello. justin is gone on-call and that's just what happened.

APPRECIATING: single parents that take care of two kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY. you are amazing. i like to think i'm handling it pretty well during the day but when justin is gone at night too and i have to do two bedtimes with two kids at basically the same time, well that sucks. 

WATCHING: now let's talk about something serious for a minute: scandal. are you watching it?! i finally caved and decided to see what all the fuss was about and am now currently in the middle of season two. i'm hooked. but seriously, i hate olivia and fitz's relationship. like, hate it in the way that i want to punch them both in the face every time they are on screen together. it's so pathetic. but everything else is AMAZING. 

ANTICIPATING: we leave for vegas in 45 days. as scared/nervous as i am to leave both of my kids (and claire for the first time), i'm also really looking forward to some adult time. fingers crossed claire is taking a bottle by then. 

OBSESSING OVER: little hip squeaks launch of their spring line. i mean, c'mon. claire needs one of everything.

thanks to danielle for inspiring the 
currently posts.

also, if you feel so inclined i'd appreciate
some prayers. i'd rather not share what
it's about as of yet, but i could use the love.
thanks in advance. c: 

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  1. i am really behind on my blog roll, so i'm just now reading this....praying for you, dear friend! can't wait to see you for your birthday!!!!!


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