02.07.14 | FEBRUARY SNOW

we woke up yesterday to snow falling outside our windows, sticking on anything and everything that the wind couldn't reach. it kept falling and falling and just when we thought the sky didn't have any snow left to give, we got more. we ended up with somewhere around eight inches here at home, which is highly unusual for the willamette valley, before 5o'clock. it briefly stopped for a couple of hours before picking right back up last night. 

justin got up this morning as usual, getting ready for work. he went outside in the freezing temperatures to put chains on the car to make it safer for his commute and to try and swipe off some of the snow from the car. i was a little frustrated because his work hadn't shut down and the forecast for today was for even more snow and freezing rain/ice. i get a little anxious every time we get snow, seeing as how we aren't used to it, and i worry about all the other people that think they can drive in it when in actuality, they can't. (evidenced by the 20 car pileup on the freeway yesterday, ugh.)

luckily for us, the county decided to close their doors today so justin was able to stay home. he still finished putting the chains on though, because we are on the last of our food provisions and may need to make a trip into town for some necessities. (pay day was wednesday, with plans to get groceries last night, but that didn't happen. we really need some eggs, produce, and a few other things.)

yesterday, while baby girl was napping, landon and i bundled up as best we could (landon has outgrown his winter suit and we haven't had the need to buy a new one for him so i grabbed the warmest clothes he owns) and went out to play in the snow. we lasted for maaaaybe ten minutes, it was so cold and windy. we've got plans to go out in it again today, or tomorrow, or both!

 ^^ripley absolutely loves it out there. he is definitely in his element. he looks pretty silly though, having to jump like a bunny over the snow, as it's chest deep to him. c;
 ^^walking around in the front yard, up to his shins.
 ^^one of the few spots where it was only a couple of inches deep. 
^^you see that step landon is standing on? the snow is as deep as it is tall. which is like, six inches or something? so. much. snow. and it just keeps on coming down. (they're predicting another three to six inches for us today. sheesh.)

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