02.03.14 | WORKOUT

happy february! 

so, in the beginning of january, i said that one of my goals was to make healthier choices in all aspects of my life. we've been eating healthier- sticking to organic produce, limiting our sugar/sweets intake, haven't had pasta in i don't know how long, and the same goes for fast food. i was slacking on the exercise part of it though. 

the kids got sick, and then i got sick, and the weather is just so bad. and by the time justin gets home from work, i have no energy, let alone motivation, to go and work out. i've been upset with myself because of this and decided to make a change. 

i searched pinterest, because, who doesn't use pinterest for workout ideas?! i found a few ideas and started implementing them into my daily routine. the main thing i do is this, every day. i don't  have a lot of time to get moving during the day, what with two kids and all, but i do make time for that. i do four of the songs/routines, not the last one. i don't like the song. but instead i do squats or more ab exercises in it's place. 

by the end of it, i'm spent. i've been doing it daily (except saturday and sunday this last weekend, as we were super busy) for about a week now. basically every muscle in my body is sore and it feels SO GOOD. just from doing that little bit of exercise every day (which ends up being around 20 minutes) and making healthier food choices, i've lost two pounds! two pounds people! so, i am 20 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight with claire and 15 pounds lighter than with landon. i'm fitting into all of my old jeans, albeit they're tight around the hips because hello, i birthed 10 pound babies y'all, but i can zip & button them. and really, a lot of them are loose. i even tried on the outfit i was wearing when justin proposed to me in hawaii and i can even fit into that! i'm amazed at my body, and proud of myself for doing something. 

now, i fit into clothes that haven't fit me in ages BUT they fit me differently. my stomach is still really saggy which blows and my chest is bigger because i'm nursing and so my shirts still fit weird. so i'm not super happy with how i look but i do FEEL great. and that's awesome. 


thanks for the input!