okay, so, i'm sure you're tired of reading stuff about claire's sleeping. and i'm tired of writing about it! so, here's a brief update: she's doing better. we visited the doctor on monday (for her six-month check-up, which i'll post on next month) and got some advice. she's still taking a bit of time to fall asleep on her own at night but once she does, she sleeps for at least four hours. and then sometimes she'll go back to sleep on her own without eating, sometimes she wants to eat, but she's not just wide awake which is amazing. now last night wasn't the best. she slept for a few hours, woke up for about an hour, slept for about an hour, woke up for another thirty minutes, and then slept for a few more hours. so, it kinda sucked. BUT the nights before that were so much better. i can see an end in sight. and her napping is a complete 180 from what it used to be. she pretty much doesn't fuss at all once she gets put in her crib and she naps at least twice a day. usually for about an hour, sometimes more, but still. it's so much better than in my arms! i can do stuff! like shower. 

also, claire got to try a mum-mum for the first time this week. if you haven't heard of mum-mum's, they're a rice flour cracker thing that mushes up real nice with drool and gets really sticky. justin hates them, i think they're great (for kids). claire loves them. she's also enjoying being in her high chair a lot more (it seems) and has been very vocal while in it. 

landon hasn't really been into me taking his picture lately so i have to be sneaky about it. like the one above, he only let me take it because he was proud of his handiwork. and i was too because really, he made a "hor cral" (horse corral) all by himself. he's constantly amazing me. and also making me almost burst into tears anytime he does something new because HELLO! he'll be three in three months. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. 

and back to claire, she's basically crawling. i mean, she's not doing the traditional crawl but she gets to where she wants to go. and that's usually to ripley's toys, or ripley's tail or landon's toys. because obviously, her toys aren't good enough.

and because it's my blog and i can write about whatever i want: why is titling a blog post so stinkin' difficult? c'mon. every time i write something i'm constantly racking my brain trying to think of a catchy phrase or word or something. and this time i just couldn't. i've titled enough posts "update" or "what we've been up to" or a variation of the two and it's just so bleh. so whatever. 

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