01.23.14 | ON SLEEP, AGAIN

a very sleepy girl

ugh, that's how i feel right about now. we've had a few difficult weeks around here. nothing too big, just a cold that made it's rounds and sleep training. let me just tell you: sleep training sucks, y'all. big time.

i've said it on here before that claire doesn't like to sleep alone. i didn't have intentions of co-sleeping this time around but baby girl had other ideas. and because sleep is real important to me, i decided to give in and just have her in our bed. it worked okay, for a teeny bit. and then things got crappy. like, she didn't want to just sleep next to me, she needed to sleep IN MY ARMS. i mean, c'mon. and then she'd only sleep for a couple of hours before she woke up at about 10ish screaming bloody murder. and she would cry for a few hours. no amount of nursing, swaddling, un-swaddling, rocking, bouncing, patting or soothing would calm her. not until those two-three hours had passed and then she was fine. asleep in my arms and i could crawl back into bed and she'd sleep for four to five hours before needing to eat again and then fall back to sleep for another couple of hours. claire's doctor didn't think it was colic or anything serious, just that she would grow out of it. so, we powered through and thought we saw some progress when she wasn't crying for those few hours anymore.

things changed after that. i would nurse her, get her to sleep, and she'd sleep! only for 30 minutes though. then she'd wake up and be WIDE AWAKE for three hours. instead of us m (me&justin) losing out on our evenings together, we brought claire back downstairs with us until she started showing signs of being tired again. and then either me and claire would go to bed or all of us would. she'd sleep for a bit, then wake up to eat, usually every three to four hours. and as frustrating as it was, it was doable.

until she decided to start getting up every hour. or two hours. and not fall right back to sleep after nursing. i was so tired. i was basically a zombie every day. i had a short-fused temper, i barely ate, the house was rarely cleaned. we didn't do anything. landon watched far too much television than i care to admit and really, i don't feel like i was very present for him at all. about the same time, landon started not taking his naps. probably because he wasn't getting anything out of his days so he wasn't tired or he was acting out because he wasn't getting attention from me. whatever it was, it sucked. claire wasn't sleeping at night, landon wasn't taking his nap, i wasn't getting to nap, and claire wasn't napping unless she was in my arms. it was horrible.

we decided to make a change. obviously what we were doing wasn't working and we had to figure something else out. we fully sleep-trained landon at about 18 months, which we were really happy and comfortable with because he had some understanding about what we were doing. claire's only just six months old and obviously doesn't understand why mama and daddy aren't sleeping with her or in her room and oh man, it was hard. after that first night, she put herself to sleep (within ten minutes of being put down) during two day time naps and slept by herself the whole time. at bedtime it was a different story. she would fall asleep on her own really easily BUT ONLY FOR 30 MINUTES. and then she was awake. not even tired. and she would cry and cry and cry and cry and cry (with us checking on her, obviously). for three hours people. and then after those three hours it was time to nurse her again (she's only nursing from one side at a time so she gets hungry about every three to four hours). so i'd go in there, nurse her, she'd fall asleep, wake up during the transfer, and go back to sleep. usually for about four hours, one time for six hours. but you know what? after six nights of her screaming for three+ hours straight, we couldn't take it anymore. she wasn't making any progress at bed time. so we stopped. 

it's been about a week and she still does pretty decent at nap time. she doesn't HAVE to sleep in my arms for naps anymore. i mean, she will, obviously, but it's not necessary. most of the time she'll nap for an hour here or there, whenever she's tired, and it's usually in my bed. it doesn't work to do a set schedule for naps with her because her nights are still so screwed up. she still falls asleep easily right away but will only sleep for about 30 minutes to an hour. and then she's wide awake again for two to three hours, no matter what we do. we've tried it all- nursing again, walking around, rocking, sitting in her room with all the lights off, soothing music, not engaging with her, pacifiers, we do the same routine every night. nothing seems to work. and in the meantime, landon also has been having difficulty falling asleep quickly at night and he's still hit and miss regarding his naps. so, it's been a fun (not) few weeks.

we've decided to try training her again tonight and through the weekend. she has her six-month appointment on monday and we'll see if her doctor has any other suggestions for us. well wishes and prayers sent our way are appreciated. c; 


  1. ooh Lacey. :( You know I understand!! It's so tough - but you are doing AWESOME as her mama (and Landon's too.). Love you girl! Good wishes and prayers for baby girl this weekend!!


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