yesterday, claire turned six-months-old. so, in accordance with how i have been doing the rest of her monthly posts, here are pictures and stats from her fifth month.
claire, at five months, loves blowing raspberries. all day, every day, it seems like, as evidenced by the second picture above.

claire, at five months, has had a taste of brown rice cereal and oatmeal. made from scratch, thanks to auntie ashley letting me borrow the baby bullet, which is amazing. (also, i mentioned in claire's last monthly update that she had tried brown rice cereal at four months, which isn't true. she didn't try it until she turned five months.) she doesn't really care for eating food at all, but we'll keep trying.

claire, at five months, has also tried a teeny bit of formula. we leave for vegas in just over two months and just in case i don't have enough breast milk stored by then we want her to try some formula to see how it goes. well, she doesn't take a bottle well, at all. in fact, she basically gags every time. so there's that.

claire, at five months, is being transitioned into her own crib. it kills me to write that.

claire, at five months, still has two teeth. no more that we can tell coming in just yet.

claire, at five months, is totally a mama's girl.

claire, at five months, likes bambi! it's one of landon's favorite movies and since i've been sick the last week or so, he's watched a little more television than normal. it's the only thing that has captivated her on tv for more than a few seconds.

claire, at five months, is such a drooler! gosh.

claire, at five months, might be over the spit-up phase!! this makes me so incredibly happy. i think we finally figured out exactly how much milk she could handle at a time and that helped out tremendously. thank the heavens!

claire, at five months, is wearing nine months and up clothing. she got a few nine month pj's at christmas and there's one really super cute pair that she's already outgrown. it's so sad.

claire, at five months, is a very happy baby.

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