01.08.14 | FUN BABY

dear baby girl,

you're laying here next to me, asleep in my bed, while i do a few things. i've learned that if i want you to get some actual sleep, i need to be right here next to you. and seeing as how you have a bit of a cold, i figured i should forego the shower today and just give in to your needs.

you've been a teeny bit fussy today, as expected with a cold, and your brother has been quite needy as well, dealing with his own cold. it's been a trying day, to say the least, but he's in his room now supposed to be napping (but he's not) and you look so comfortable snuggled up next to me.

i haven't written you a letter yet, and i'm kicking myself for that. right after you were born, i ordered a notebook similar to the one i have for your brother with intentions to write in it all the time. that didn't happen. i also haven't been keeping up to date with your baby book but there are more important things to do at the moment than that, like encouraging you to get up on your hands and knees and try to crawl, or feed you a little bit of rice cereal and see if you'll take it without gagging this time, or watch you sit up by yourself for the very first time. all of these things i have documented in one way or another, just not in your baby book or notebook. and i'm okay with that. those things will come in time. right now i'm just focusing on everything in the moment.

like the way your face lights up when you see ripley. or how excited you get when landon talks to you. or how calm and happy you are in the bath. i'm focusing on the calmness on your face when you are sleeping in my arms. or how happy you get when your daddy comes home from work. or how much you love putting anything and everything in your mouth. 

i'm focusing on every little thing you are doing RIGHT NOW because even though it is hard to believe, you are almost six-months-old. and then before i know it you'll be one. and all of these little things will be distant memories. 

you make me so happy, baby girl. you bring so much fun into all of our lives. you complete our family. i am so incredibly lucky to be your mama. thank you for choosing me.


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