01.01.14 | 2014 GOALS

happy 2014 everyone! i'm normally not one to be big on goal-setting or resolutions or anything of the sort but this year i'm itching for a change, in more way than one. 

// make healthier choices, in all aspects of my life. a few months back we made the switch to organic foods (almost exclusively) and then the holidays hit and we backpedaled quite a bit. both justin and i stalled in our weight loss and actually put a little bit back on and we're not happy about it. we stopped at the store last night to stock up our fridge until sunday (since that's the next day we've got a free minute to shop after pay day) and i'm really looking forward to eating healthier again. i also want to make healthier choices for myself spiritually. i've been in some weird funk for quite a while and it's affecting my decisions and my family. i'm not sure how to change it exactly but that doesn't mean i'm not gonna try, even though i feel like a big part of it is caused by winter weather in oregon. maybe i'll try meditation or start doing yoga more regularly or going to sleep earlier. i'm not quite sure what i'm gonna do but i've obviously got to change something. i'm also working on an exercise schedule/routine that i intend to do regularly and frequently. 

// join the 52 week project with jodi from practicing simplicity, formerly known as che & fidel. i was late to the party last year and have fully enjoyed seeing everyone else i follow in blogland partaking in it. this year, i've got two beautiful kiddos to photograph and i'm really looking forward to it. 

// organize more. whether that be toy organization, kitchen re-organization or what i'm not sure. but i definitely need it more in my life.

// simplify everything. live on the basics. enjoy life more. it's something i've been yearning to do and i feel like this is the year to act on it. who needs all that stuff, right? 

// travel more. we're going to vegas in a few months and that's the only thing planned this year other than the obvious birthday parties and weddings and a family reunion this summer. even if it's just a road trip around our own state, i want to get out of the house and do more with my little family. 

// read. i used to read all the time. lately though i've been a little busy, what with two kids and all. i want to get back into reading like i used to. 

// contribute more to our savings account than in previous years. this seems so easy and i always start the year really well, but i quickly lose focus. this year i want to change that. 

are you into making resolutions and/or goals for yourself? i'm looking forward to it this year. 

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  1. Lacy, I really enjoy reading your blogs and keeping up with your growing little family. Take good care sweetheart. Aunt Ginny (by default)


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