12.31.13 | SO LONG, 2013

it's the end of the year, once again. we've experienced so much this year - good and bad - and we are so looking forward to what 2014 will bring. so, here's my farewell later, as well as some favorite pictures from the year. (no, this letter doesn't have a hidden announcement like last year, sorry.)
dear 2013,
we had a good time this year. you brought a little getaway for justin and me and we visited two different snowy mountains with family. i went to the coast for my annual celebration of my brother and learned that no, dealing with death doesn't ever get easier. landon decorated easter eggs almost entirely by himself and we spent another weekend away as a family at the coast. 
this year one of my favorite guys turned two, and the other turned 29. we celebrated the best way we know how: with family and friends. we spent a day hiking at silver falls, landon visited a farm where he got to feed some chickens and cows and other farm animals, and decided he no longer needed to nap. and then, he gave in and decided naps were okay again. thankfully. 
also in 2013 we celebrated some dear friends getting married, a last trip to the beach just the three of us (and ripley, of course) and free slurpee day. and then, just one day before my due date, baby girl decided to join us on the outside. 
the rest of the year just flew by. having two kids will do that to ya, that's for sure. we went to the coast a couple more times, one of those times being so we could see my sister get engaged. we celebrated six years of marriage and nine years of being in a relationship. we spent christmas with lots of family and have plans to celebrate the new year with some of the same. 
once again, you didn't disappoint us this year. i slowed down on my blogging quite a bit (not planned) but i was really able to enjoy everything in the moment. we had a good 'ole time together. we're sure looking forward to what you've got for us in 2014 and the many more memories that are sure to be made. 
thanks for everything, 2013. see ya soon, next year. and now, some favorite photos from the year (mostly from my phone).
happy new year!!

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