claire, at four months, is perfect. there's really not much else to say, but i'll try anyway.
claire, at four months, has two teeth! one is fully through the other is working it's way through, but almost there.
claire, at four months, still isn't sleeping alone for very long for nap time. she'll sleep about 30 minutes, maybe an hour, alone in her crib or my bed. if i hold her in my arms though, she'll sleep much much longer. next month we're really gonna try some sleep training. i'm nervous about it, because i really don't want to, but seeing as how we are going to vegas in a few months, she really needs to be sleeping better for grandma at that time.
claire, at four months, will sleep for about four hour stretches, sometimes longer, at night. so long as she is right beside me in bed. she wakes up, eats, and quickly goes back to sleep. most of the time.
claire, at four months, loves ripley. seriously. she follows that dog around with her eyes every chance she gets. and is constantly giggling at him.
claire, at four months, also loves her big brother. when lying next to each other, she flips over the first chance she gets so she can touch him. it's probably the cutest thing ever.
claire, at four months, has the longest hair of any four-month-old i have ever seen! i can put it into pig tails or one pony tail on top of her head. she's really rocking the mullet look.
claire, at four months, is something like 17 pounds, 5 ounces and i can't for the life of me remember how tall she is. mom-brain sucks, i tell ya.
claire, at four months, is rolling onto her stomach all day long. she gets a little frustrated because she can't quite figure out how to roll back onto her back.
claire, at four months, is this close to crawling! she's scooting ALL OVER the place.
claire, at four months, has tried a teeny bit of homemade rice cereal. she's been trying to grab everything off of our plates lately so we figured it was time. she's pretty good about not gagging but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of not letting everything drip right back out of her mouth.
claire, at four months, has the fastest growing fingernails. ugh.
claire, at four months, is LOUD.
claire, at four months, loves the tags on the bottom of her play mat, her sophie giraffe, my hair, being held, bath time, getting her hair brushed, silly faces by anyone and looking at herself in the mirror. she's seriously the best. 

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