an old photo of me at one of my favorite places ever - the oregon coast

so i saw on danielle's blog the other day something that i'm gonna do here. it's basically a "you and i could be best friends if you..."

//prefer backstreet boys over nsync. 

//think ice cream should be it's own food group.

//can never get rid of a book, no matter how many times you've read it, because there's always the possibility that you'll read it again. and again. and again. and you prefer an actual book to an e-reader because there's just something so gratifying about turning the page of a book and seeing it sitting on your bookshelf once you've finished it.

//know the nestle tollhouse cookie recipe by memory. and would rather eat the dough than bake it.

//take way too long agonizing over the perfect arrangement of pictures on your christmas card. 

//and you take just as long agonizing over the perfect arrangement of pictures in frames on your walls. 

//can't stand the feeling of lotion but also hate the feeling of extra-dry skin.

//can go on a terribly too-long rant about something so insignificant as this: while pregnant with claire, and for a short while after she was born, i was completely obsessed with the tv show 'friday night lights'. i started watching it after 'sons of anarchy' started giving me nightmares during my pregnancy and i needed something to fill those afternoon nap times when i wasn't tired enough to sleep myself but too tired to do anything else. i had watched one episode when it was actually airing on tv but i could never get into it. and i totally blame my pregnancy hormones for making me enjoy it so much but man oh man, did i ever enjoy it. i love me sports-related shows and movies and this one revolving around high school football was no exception. now, to get back to tim riggins. he was BY FAR my favorite character. don't get me wrong, i loved coach eric and his wife tami, and i also really liked matt saracen but that jason kid? no thanks. and i could have done without lyla and tyra, too. i mean, i guess they're integral to the storyline and everything and the show probably wouldn't have been as good without them but whatever. the point i'm trying to get at is this: is taylor kitsch anything like his character in the show? i guess his character in 'john tucker must die' isn't the same but his character in 'battleship' certainly came close. and boy, that movie was bad. sorry riri, i love you and all, but that movie just bombed. are there any other actors that come to mind for you that play themselves?

//played zoo tycoon way too much in middle school (high school, maybe?) and sims, too.

//if you've seen every episode of friends. and still laugh at every single one.

//if you were a band geek in middle school and at least one year of high school and had to walk in the annual veteran's day parade (or any parade) and now hate parades because of it.

//really want to be super girly but just can't figure out how to curl your hair just right or get your eyebrows to have the perfect shape or think lipstick just looks weird on you.

//don't want to spend the time or money year after year looking for the perfect christmas tree when a fake one works just as well. 

//are obsessed with the kardashians. 

//grew up hating sports but LOVE football (college and pro) and basketball (pro) now. 

//think justin timberlake can do no wrong.

//if every time you go somewhere where people have an accent, you always come home with a teeny tiny one. or feel like you do, anyway.

that's enough for now, right? i'm sure i'll do another version of this some day. thanks again for the prompt danielle!

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