12.05.13 | IT'S COLD OUT THERE

these kids of mine, golly, i can't get enough of 'em. we've all been under the weather over here this past week (mostly landon) and we've been spending lots of time snuggled up together under blankets, watching jake and the neverland pirates on repeat, and trying to will ourselves better. 

i'm really enjoying this christmas season. landon is at the age where everything is so magical to him - the christmas lights on all the houses, the advent calendar (his favorite days so far are when he gets a piece of candy!), the snow globes, rudolph and the island of misfit toys, all of the special treats - it's so much fun for him. and for us, his parents, it's so amazing to re-experience all of the joy that comes with christmas again. 

we've got a cold front here in the valley right now. it's so much colder than we're used to. like seriously cold. i went out tonight to get our grocery shopping done for the next couple of weeks seeing as how today was pay day (!!!) but really, just to make sure we have enough food to tide us over just in case we get lots and lots of snow tomorrow and we're stuck in our house and boy oh boy did i freeze! my lips are super chapped right now just from going in and out of stores all night. 

we've got big plans for this weekend so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that if we do get snow, it's not much and it all melts and everything is better by saturday morning. we're getting up bright and early to get donuts and then we're taking landon to storybook land (and claire, too). last year he seemed to really enjoy it and i imagine this year is going to be even better! maybe this year he'll be more comfortable sitting on santa's lap, too. c; the rest of the day is filled to the brim with movies! we have plans to see the new hunger games in the theater at some point in the near future but my sister still has to see the first one so we've got plans to watch that, plus the first lord of the rings (because my sister's boyfriend hasn't seen ANY OF THEM and that's just not okay). and then games. and boy do i love playing games with my family. 

i had every intention of this post being something wonderfully written and nostalgic and all sorts of other good things but it's basically just turned into word vomit. sorry about that. i guess that's just how my brain works these days - when a baby is nonstop talking/crying in the background and your husband is watching conan and the dog is running around, my brain apparently can't formulate cohesive sentences. it's just been SO LONG since i posted anything on here i felt it was important to do something. so this is what came out. 

ANYWAY, enjoy the rest of your week! get some rest if you're sick like us, and try to stay warm if you've got a cold front heading your way, too. i'll be back later with a better post, i'm sure, someday. c;

**photos from our october family 
shootby the lovely katie

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