11.18.13 | A NEW 'DO

so last week, landon got his hair did. and boy oh boy was i nervous. not so much for the actual cut itself, but the act of getting it cut. mainly because when i would cut his hair at home, he did not want to sit still for me. luckily, he did great at the salon! he wanted to sit on my lap (instead of in a booster) and i was more than happy to oblige him in that. it's not often that he wants to sit on my lap anymore.

he wasn't a fan of getting sprayed with water, or with the little hair pieces falling on his face after they got cut, but he did enjoy closing his eyes and having me blow them off. seriously, he's too adorable for words. so, here's some pictures:
 ^^final product! showing us his teeth.
^^and one of claire for good measure. she won't be getting her hair cut for a long, long time. 


  1. omg, he's too cute! (And Claire of course too!) We have another round of the sickie's (blah!) but once we're all better, let's do a play date!

  2. good boy. mine used to be that way.. now he is usually hanging from my neck while his hair is being cut.. so i end up covered in hair too. But dad took him to his last haircut and he behaved perfectly.. so now dad's got another job to add to the list. and one less for me :)


thanks for the input!