so, in one short day, claire will be four-months-old. oh, how time flies! so, here's some pictures of her (and stats) from her third month of life. this sweet girl of mine, i love her so.

claire, at three months, is ticklish! she's most ticklish on her collar bone and her big chunky thighs. by the time she's landon's age, she probably won't be ticklish anymore since i do it so often to her.

claire, at three months, has the sweetest baby laugh. it's so precious and she reserves it for very silly occasions.

claire, at three months, loves her big brother. she lights up whenever he comes around. she especially likes it when he is being goofy or running around.

claire, at three months, is still exclusively breastfeed.

claire, at three months, is also still spitting up an incredible amount. i long for the day when i no longer fear getting covered in it. 

claire, at three months, is quite the talker! especially late at night when everyone else is trying to go to sleep. 

claire, at three months, is in love with her reflection in mirrors. she smiles so coyly. golly, it's cute.

claire, at three months, is wearing six to 12-month clothing. (insert sad face here.)

claire, at three months, is generally pretty happy. she still wants to be held most of the day, which can make things somewhat difficult, but on occasion she'll play by herself on the floor. if you can't hold her, sometimes she'll settle with just being able to have a conversation with you, so long as she has eye contact with you. 

claire, at three months, has decided to start waking up about every three hours to eat at night again. i miss sleep.

claire, at three months, can sit in her bumbo! and she tries to sit up on her own, too. and she wants to roll over so bad but she just can't quite get it. and she's got great head/neck control. and she's seriously just the best. she's added so much to our lives, in such a good way, that we can't even remember (well, it was a little less stressful but whatev) what it used to be like. she's our joyful little gal. 

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