10.29.13 | RANDOM THINGS

//there are way, way, way too many spiders in my house right now. i can't see any at the moment but in the last 24 hours i've had to kill three. and that's three too many. and the other day, justin had to kill a hobo spider on the front porch. yeah, it's disgusting.

//dairy-free cheese, aka as soy-cheese, is quite tasty when in a pinch.

//for some reason, every time i get up or out of the car or touch anything, i get shocked. it must be me doing the shocking, i imagine, but it sucks nevertheless. especially when it happens while picking up claire. 

//landon's favorite toy right now is his fisher-price pirate ship. we named the pirates francois le bousch and kiki la rue. it's real cute hearing him pronounce francois. 

//claire is ticklish. 

//we've watched "all dogs go to heaven" a few times over the past week. it makes me a teeny-tiny bit happy that landon loves it as much as i do.

//last night was the first night i started putting claire to bed at a specific time. she slept decent but was awake at 515 this morning. that's not gonna fly little girl. we've got some work to do on that schedule of hers.

//ever since i stopped eating dairy, i've really been craving ice cream and cookies. luckily for me i found some really tasty coconut milk ice cream. 

//our neighborhood is developing rather quickly. we've got more streets going in and housing popping up left and right. it's noisy, to say the least.

//i haven't cut landon's hair in about two months and it's looooong. in one short week he's going to the salon and getting some sort of style, we haven't decided on which one just yet. i'm looking forward to it and not looking forward to it all at the same time.

//claire does not like to be put down and left alone to play with her toys. she wants to be held, all the time. and so now i'm signing off, because she wants to be held.

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