10.23.13 | A SHORT SEASON

to be completely honest with you, life with two kids has been hard lately. for me, at least. claire seems to only want to be held, all day long, or else she'll scream bloody murder. holding a baby is difficult when you're trying to make dinner and putting her in the ergo doesn't really work that well when wielding a knife or opening up the hot oven. so there's been a lot of crying over here. and claire crying is loud. so landon is always saying "too loud!" while covering his ears. and then he tries to speak over her, and so any chance of just tuning out the noise doesn't work because it's kind of hard to tune out both kids.

and then there are the moments that are precious: claire not wanting to let go of your hand when sucking on the pacifier, landon pulling you in close for kiss after kiss at nap time, big gummy grins, ticklish babies (and toddlers), hearing "wuv you, mom" each day. and it's those moments that remind me that this season is so, so short. and even though i'm having a tough time right now, i'm going to miss these tough times in a few shorts years because they'll be replaced with even more difficult times (like my kids going to school and leaving me home alone!). 

gosh, i sure love these kids of mine. and my wonderful husband, too, who lets me take long showers when he gets home from work so i can get a peaceful minute alone. it's the little things, right?


  1. yes and amen! Right there with ya. :)

  2. Isn't it so difficult at times? The ideal is to snuggle your needy baby all day and night. But reality? We just CAN'T. Especially when you have more kids to take care, a home that needs cleaning, a meal that needs cooking. I only WISH I didn't have any other responsibility than snuggling my baby 24/7 :)
    You are such a good mom!!

    1. that's the truth! i would love to be able to snuggle BOTH kids, equally, but it's just not realistic. it's so great having your feelings confirmed! thanks courtney.


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