every day that passes, i am reminded of how life is fleeting right before my eyes. i know it sounds so cliche but it seriously feels like just a few short months ago i became a mama for the very first time. and in reality, it was two-and-a-half years ago. my little boy isn't quite so little anymore. he's tall and strong and silly and smart and a handful, too. he likes to do things his own way, when he wants to, all by himself. and for the most part, i'm okay with it.

yesterday we took a little walk around our neighborhood. me, landon and baby girl in the ergo baby carrier. landon has become so independent lately, not wanting to hold my hand anymore when we are out and about, so i decided to just go with it. i let him lead us wherever he wanted to go (within reason) and he only had to hold my hand when we were crossing the street. he was so proud of himself, getting to tell mama where to go and showing me everything he found. "a bird, mom!" "look mom, a leaf on ground!" "grass is wet!" seriously, heart-melting stuff right there. 

it's so fun seeing things again through the eyes of a child. leaves on the ground don't catch my eye quite like they used to, i tend to stay off of the wet grass so my shoes don't get soaked, and when birds are flying above me i only think about how i hope they don't poop on me. landon makes everything so much better. i'm so incredibly lucky to have him as my little boy. 

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