claire is almost three-months-old now and so i thought it fitting to finally share a few pictures that i took of her when she was closer to two-months-old. hah!

claire, at two months, likes to smile. at me, at daddy, at her toys. anything with a face, really.

claire, at two months, particularly enjoys her hands. she's pretty content so long as she can get them in her mouth. which, luckily for all of us, is quite often.

claire, at two months, has rolled over once. from back to stomach. yeah, i raise freakishly strong kids.

claire, at two months, looks almost identical to her brother at this age. someday i'll put up some side-by-side comparison pictures. seriously, if it wasn't for the blanket in the picture, i wouldn't be able to tell who was who. 

claire, at two months, is wearing three-to-six month clothing. and really, she's closer to the six-month clothing.

claire, at two months, is sleeping through the night. she is currently co-sleeping, which i'm not too thrilled about but i'm also not really doing anything to change it so, yeah. but, if co-sleeping means i get roughly five to seven straight hours of sleep at night, then i shouldn't be complaining, right? (sometimes she doesn't sleep through the night, but that's to be expected. for the most part, she does great.)

claire, at two months, is exclusively breastfed. and i'm really happy about it. 

claire, at two months, weighs somewhere around 15 pounds. 

claire, at two months, went to her first wedding and did marvelous.

claire, at two months, is a die-hard oregon duck fan. yep, we're raising them right. 

claire, at two months, has napped in her crib a handful of times. she's getting better and it allows me to do some stuff. like shower. 

claire, at two months, is adored by her brother. hearing him say "hi cwaire" is probably the cutest sounding thing, ever. (well, almost. i'll share some of his cute sayings when i do his two-and-a-half post next week.)

claire, at two months, makes all of us in her life so incredibly happy. she brightens our days with her smiles and jabbering. she can grip my finger like no other and it warms my heart. she is my girl, and i love her so. 

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  1. you forgot to mention:
    claire, at two months, is the most amazingly gorgeous, smart, and sweetest baby ever :)


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