so, to start, nine years ago yesterday justin and i decided to start officially dating. and because i'm a sap and like to celebrate silly little things like dating anniversaries, we went on a date. it wasn't anything fancy, just a movie, but it was time for just us, which we don't get to do very often anymore. i'm not complaining or anything though, because i love love love these kids of mine and don't particularly enjoy leaving them for any amount of time. but, marriage takes work and to make it work, you need to put time into it as just adults, right? so last night was the first date in who knows how long and it was goood. well, the date part, not so much the movie. we saw 'gravity' and although justin loved it, it gave me far too much anxiety for my liking. so that's that. 

here's to many, many more dates in our future, babe. love ya.

and so now on to the pumpkin part of the post. PUMPKINS! and lots of them. we went to a pumpkin patch last weekend (the same one we went to last year) and it was glorious. the day was perfect (although justin will probably tell you it was too hot for pumpkin-picking, but that's what he gets for wearing a heavy sweatshirt c;) and landon loved it. the entire way there he kept saying "pumkin pat!" and smiled from ear to ear when we asked him if he was ready to pick out his pumpkin. that boy of ours, he sure is something special. 
^^watching daddy cut his pumpkin stem
^^holding up his pumpkin for me to take a picture of
^^"helping" push the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow
^^gripping his pumpkin, even in his sleep

we always let landon pick out his pumpkin, and a little decorative gourd that he can actually carry and it's the cutest thing. he loves those little gourds and carries them around with him everywhere once we're home. he got two more last night from grandma and he did not want to leave them downstairs when it was time for bed. 

i love that we go to a pumpkin patch every year. it's a tradition that i hope to continue for many years to come. growing up, i don't remember ever going to a pumpkin patch and even though i didn't, i don't feel like i missed out on anything. i had just as much fun going to the grocery store and choosing my pumpkin from those massive cardboard boxes they were stored in. but for my kids, i'm so happy that we chose this route. i'm especially excited for next year when claire can get in on the pumpkin-picking action and not just sleep in the carrier the whole time. c;

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