10.02.13 | FALL

some people get really excited when fall rolls around. i used to be the same way. cozy sweaters, roaring fires, stormy weather; i loved it all. nowadays though, i really don't like it at all. i mean, i like it more than winter, that's for sure, but it's definitely low on my list. i would much rather it be warm, and at the very least, sunny. not this awful rainy and windy weather that is happening right now. especially now that we've been stuck at home basically every day without a car, so it leaves us all cooped up inside and that is no fun for a busy toddler. 

i will give fall one credit: pretty colors. i do love the warm yellows and oranges and browns and reds that are all over the trees. and i love wearing boots, so i guess it's not all bad. just mostly. i've got my fingers crossed that all of those colors are present on saturday for our family pictures and that the sun is out too, or that the rain stays away at least. 

other than crummy weather, the start of our fall hasn't been all bad. i got my hair trimmed, which i was in desperate need of, and spent a good little time at target all by myself (thanks to my lovely sister!) picking up the new justin timberlake cd and some other fun little things. i'm really looking forward to eating even healthier than i already am (i'm currently three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight!!) and can't wait to try out some new recipes. 

we're also pretty excited about halloween around here. landon is probably going to be mario, Justin will be luigi, and claire a toadstool or something similarly cute. now i just need to pull out my sewing machine that i've never used and start practicing. wish me luck!

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