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no candid shots for this guy anymore

WATCHING: anything and everything on tv. we just got satellite tv back after a little over a year of not having it and it's kind of glorious. i'm a little ashamed to admit that i missed it more than i probably should have but whatever. i'm just really excited to get to watch basketball this year on actual tv, instead of on that crappy viewer on tnt's website. and college football and regular football and of course, catching up on the kardashian's. because really, what good is tv when there's not kardashian drama? 

READING: deliberate motherhood: 12 key powers of peace, purpose, order and joy. i joined a virtual book club the beginning of this month through the ladies of the small fry blog. i wanted something for myself, that i could enjoy doing, and share that experience with other people. seeing as how it's pretty difficult to get the kids and myself ready in time to take justin to work most mornings (who am i kidding, ALL mornings), we're stuck at home basically every day. this seemed like a pretty good option for me and i am so insanely glad i joined. this book is pure amazingness. it validates all of my frustration and helps me to realize that other moms go through the same problems i am. it's wonderful.

EATING: better. trying, at least. next month we're hopping on the paleo bandwagon. well, kind of. not 100% at first. we're gonna try out some recipes, stock up on almond flour, coconut oil/butter, and other necessary staples including lots of eggs and meat and fresh veggies. we've already been doing loads better with the choices we make, as in, no fast food in forever (except for yesterday i guess, when my mom came to visit and brought hasty freez). i'm also gonna try to cut out soda from my diet (again) and see how i do energy-wise without the caffeine. i've been doing really well with cutting out dairy again, and have been almost exclusively without it, with the exception of small amounts of butter here and there. but soon, it'll be ALL GONE.

ANTICIPATING: next spring. i'm not ready for all the next few months to go by, because that just means my kids are getting bigger and older and i'm getting older but i'm really ready for a vacation with my hubby. we're going to vegas at the end of march, beginning of april, and as much as i hate the thought of leaving both of my kids, it's gonna be really really good for me and justin. we're going with my sister and her boyfriend and hopefully my brother and parents. i'm just really looking forward to time in the sun, with my favorite people. 

OBSESSING OVER: what to wear for family pictures next week. it's fall, so i feel like we should be wearing fall colors but we don't have any outfits that coordinate well together! and we're kind of short on extra money this month and our bank account gets reimbursed the day before our pictures so...maybe clothes shopping that night? who knows. but i'm really excited about new pictures of our family of four (five, if you count ripley). 

LOVING: landon and his camera. we gave him our old point & shoot a few months ago and in just the last month, he's really gotten the hang of it. he's always turning it on and saying "take pikchur, mom" and pointing it at me or claire or anything really. it's so neat to see his little view on everything. 

HATING: potty training. landon just full-on hates it, too. i can't bribe him with anything. and he's figured out how to hold it because we'll sit him on either the big potty or the little potty and he just won't do anything. at all. and then five minutes after he's off, he pees. and then he's all proud of himself because he peed. he's just not getting that he needs to pee IN the potty, not the floor. oh well. he'll get it some time, right?!

DROOLING OVER: the shirt heidi was wearing in last night's episode of project runway during the runway. sheesh. i need that in my life.

SMELLING: speaking of potty training...landon stinks. i guess it's time for me to go. c;

have a great weekend!!

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  1. Glad you guys are going to give Paleo a try! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Hope to see you soon!


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