09.21.13 | AN OUTING

a little hesitant around the dinosaurs

last sunday, the day after my little breakdown, we had plans to go to portland with my side of the family to celebrate my mom's birthday. unfortunately, my mom had to cancel for some unforeseen events. as disappointed as we were to not be able to celebrate with her, we weren't going to miss out on a fun day, especially since my sister and her boyfriend wanted to go as well. 

we got up bright and early, after about three hours of sleep for justin and a tiny bit more for myself, and headed out the door. our plan was to go to the zoo, but once we got there, the weather wasn't the best so we opted for the children's museum instead. it was evident we made the right choice as it started pouring about ten minutes after we got there and the lights even went out for a few minutes! 

landon seemed to enjoy himself, which was good since that was really the whole point of going to the museum. he liked the dig room and the vroom room the best, i think. i missed out on a bit what with claire deciding she needed a diaper change and then realizing when we got in the restroom that she had a massive blow out that needed to be addressed. c; we were probably there for an hour or so, as we as parents were a little underwhelmed what was offered for the cost of admission. 

so, we loaded up and headed all the way across portland to ikea. we spent a lot more time there since we actually wanted to get some ideas for storage solutions while there. we also had lunch there which was actually pretty good, seeing as how we had never eaten there before. and landon was on his best behavior despite being extremely tired! he is constantly impressing me and surprising me every single day. we ended up coming home with a new bookshelf, a laundry hamper for claire's room, a clock for justin's office, a non-slip bath mat, and new dishes! i've been dying for crisp, white, porcelain dishes and i finally got some. we have plans to go back next month or the month after to get another set to complete it. c:

p.s. thanks so much
for your kind words on my last post
both online and in person. 
it means a lot to me.

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