09.14.13 | AGE

i'm getting to the point in my life where i realize that i'm not a young lady anymore. and i'm not old, by all means, either. i'm in the in-between ages, i guess. i've got a two-year-old, a two-month-old, a house, a car, and a dog. i've got bills to pay and a house to keep in order. i make dinners (and lunches and breakfast's) for more than just myself. when shopping, i don't think about me anymore, instead my thoughts are directed towards what my kids need/want. 

i went to costco the other day to pick up claire's birth announcements (i know, friends and family - you'll be getting them soon!) and on my way to the grocery store to pick up some almond milk and coconut milk, i was stopped at a light next to a young lady and young man. they were blasting their music loud enough that i'm certain they couldn't actually hear each other talking and it finally hit me that i must seem ancient to them. i'm no longer in school, i don't wear mini skirts any more and my purse contains more diapers and wipes than any other item. 

my husband will be 30 next year, and i will be 28. it will be my ten-year high school reunion. ten years ago, when i was 17, i had no idea where i would be or what i would be doing when i was 27. i'm sure i thought i would have graduated from college and hoped i would be married. who knows when i thought i would have kids. well, i got married at 21, had my first child at 25 and my second at 27. i bought my first house, with my husband, when i was 24 and my first brand new car. i'm very fortunate to have accomplished the things i have at my age - even if i didn't go to college. 

age is a funny thing. it creeps up on you quietly and before you know it, you're older. i'm no longer the little girl that plays with barbies or colors in coloring books or watches 'my little pony'. instead, i'm the mom that plays with cars and trucks and legos (and hopefully someday barbies!) and helps my boy color in coloring books and watches 'cars' and 'lady and the tramp' on repeat. 


thanks for the input!