09.12.13 | AND SO IT BEGINS

chips on the potty? whatever works.

last weekend, we started the ever so daunting task of potty training. frustrating for all involved, i'm sure of it. over the course of two days, landon had two successful potty attempts, a lot of accidents and countless pairs of big boy undies pulled on and off. we decided to start potty training for a few reasons, mainly being that he takes his diapers off now during nap time/bedtime when he wets them. he also has been telling us when he messes his diaper and needs it changed, but still is unwilling to have it changed. 

we made a potty chart, got all sorts of candies and stickers, and bought lots and lots of big boy undies. he seemed excited about it at first but by the end of the second day, he seemed more upset than anything. i've been very cautious the entire time, worried that we might be forcing him to do something before he's actually ready and that is the last thing i want - i don't want him to have a negative association with it. 

two days ago (?) he was dancing around like he needed to go potty, or like he just had, and i asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. he replied with "no potty!". i then told him that if he used the potty, he could get candy and he quickly responded with "no candy mom!". and for my child to tell me he doesn't want candy and he'd rather lay on the couch so i can change his diaper, well, that pretty much says to me that he's not ready to do the whole potty seat thing. not yet at least. 

we'll try again in a month or two (or something like that). we'll get one of those seats that goes on top of the regular toilet, maybe that'll help entice him, especially if it's 'cars' themed. we'll keep offering the potty every chance we get but i'm not going to force him to do something that he's not ready and willing to do. live and learn, right?

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