09.10.13 | SOME DAYS

there are some days where i feel like i am going a little crazy. and not the "oh-my-gosh-i-love-my-kids-so-much-i'm-going-crazy!" but the "oh-my-gosh-my-kids-will-not-give-me-a-break-and-i-am-going-crazy". today is one of those days. you may wonder how i am even finding time to type out this post. let me tell ya: i've got lady and the tramp on for one kid, my dog is pouting quietly by the back door and i've got the littlest one laying on my chest, constantly head-butting my chin and kicking the laptop further off my lap. 

most days i get about an hour where claire is sleeping peacefully, either on me or beside me, and landon is napping. in that hour i choose to either a. shower or b. sleep. lately, i've been choosing to shower so i feel somewhat normal and decent when my husband gets home from work but i think i'm starting to regret that decision. i think my lack of good sleep is starting to catch up to me. apparently, i don't sleep well when co-sleeping with a baby. yes, i get a fair amount of sleep but none of it is restful, it seems. i never realized that with landon because for the most part, i was able to nap with him when he was claire's age. i don't get to do that these days, what with a toddler needing meals made for him and diapers changed (or company while sitting on the potty) and activities to engage his mind. and then add a baby that doesn't want to sleep ANYWHERE except ON me. all of that plus a dog that decides he needs to go outside to do his business (or just bark incessantly) the second i sit down means i have no time. to do any. thing. 

and there are so many things i want to do! 

i want to start reading a book for an online book club i just joined. (if only my nook would actually start downloading it!)

i want to work out every day.

i want to make a mobile for claire's room.

i want to finally finish landon's quiet book that i have been one page away from finishing for FOREVER.

i want to keep my house looking clean for once in my life. for longer than two days, at least.

i want to clean out my bathroom and start an adult skincare regimen.

i want to do my nails again.

i want to not have a pile of laundry to do at. all. times.

i want to reorganize my pantry (again!) and fill it with healthy food options. and organize my cookbooks and get rid of ones i don't use. (except my giada cookbooks, i love those too much even though i never cook from them.)

i want to plant flowers. and a small raised garden bed.

but then i read a blog post like this one and i am immediately reminded that even though i don't have time for those things now, i will eventually. and right now, right now it's important to soak up all the moments with my kids. because i've only got a limited number of days left where landon needs my help, before he says "landon do it" about everything and there's only a few months left filled with gummy smiles and curled up baby bodies on my chest. 

and even though the days are long, the years are short. some days, i really need that reminder. today was one of those days.

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