one of landon's absolute favorite things to do is go to the park. any park. as long as there's a slide, or a swing, or something to climb on, he's a happy camper. a couple of weeks ago we packed up our car, stopped in at wendy's to get a quick lunch to-go and headed to a nearby park. it was a hot hot day and we just needed to get out of the house and enjoy it. 

we stopped in at one park where there was a teeny tiny table and sat and ate our lunch. landon was itching to go play so it was a miracle that he actually ate his lunch. but, he did and then he got to climb. the park was plenty big but the play structure was actually quite small. one slide and one swing. he played for a while, needing help to climb up to the slide, before we decided to head out and see if we could find another park.

we settled on a playground at a school. it was massive. and on hot black cushiony ground, with NO shade. nonetheless, landon loved it. there were quite a few neighborhood children there, speaking english and spanish, and the majority of them were a few years older than landon. it broke my mama heart watching landon run around, trying to play with the older kids, when they were so involved with each other and basically just running away from him. now, i totally wouldn't expect older kids to want to play with him and i didn't think they were being rude or anything like that, i just felt so sad for my little guy. it was my first experience of seeing my child being ignored, and trying so hard to not be. i know it was harder on me than him but still. 

it really hit me that day that i need to get out of my comfort zone. i need to join a mom's group or something, or get landon enrolled in some sort of classes. and even though i'm the type of mom that hovers around her kid on the playground and would rather no other kids be there when we are, i know landon needs interaction with other kids his age - he just lights up around others. he loves playing with other kids so so much, even if he does have a hard time sharing sometimes. 

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  1. I just wrote a post JUST like this that is in my drafts! The social world can be rough...


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