yesterday, we went to the fair. it's one of my favorite things to do and this year, we did it with some of my favorite people. we got there right at opening, which i've never done before, and i think i'll do it every time now. it's so nice getting there when no one else is there yet, and being able to walk everywhere without running into people. next year, we'll get there first thing in the morning, get our hand stamped, and come back in the evening with all the lights on though. it's just not the same when you aren't there when it's dark. c;

the first thing we did was an 'ole time-y western photo with all of us "kids". landon was the best part of the photo, that's for sure. me, justin and landon were a victorian family while my brother and charlie were outlaws and my sister was a saloon girl. we looked goooood

then we visited the animals. landon seemed to really enjoy all of the different cows, sheep, pigs, goats, alpacas, etc. from there we happened upon some tractors for landon to sit in, saw a carved bigfoot and some other little artisan stands, and then decided to hit up the food court. i settled on some hawaiian chicken with rice and yakisoba noodles that i shared with landon, while justin split a turkey leg with charlie and some curly fries with landon. later on i got some shave ice, which was really just a glorified sno cone, and i was extremely disappointed. we ended up leaving without getting an elephant ear OR churro or anything sweet, for that matter, and i was a little saddened by it. oh well, next year!

we walked around through most of the vendors, justin got a new pair of sunglasses, and landon took some pictures with some of those big pieces of plywood that have a hole for your face and you stand behind them. unfortunately, i was nursing claire in a designated nursing station (which was wonderful, by the way. out of the heat and private and everything!) and justin was finishing off his turkey leg so we didn't get pictures of those. 

we were there for about 4 hours? and by the time we left, i was very ready. it was hot, especially with wearing claire and all, my feet hurt and i was tired. landon was almost passed out in his stroller, he was so tired and hot, that we decided to not do any rides with him this year. we should have done them right when we got there, but having waited until the end, it was just going to be too big of a gamble to see if he would enjoy it. we had so much fun though, i can't wait for next year. 

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