my big little girl after her shots

we've got a jam-packed weekend ahead of us and boy am i excited for it! we started this morning bright and early with a 545 wake-up call for me and claire. fun, right? we took justin to work and then stopped in at the doctor's office so claire could get her vaccinations. landon hung out with the ladies at reception (which i am ever so grateful for) so he didn't have to be in the room while claire got poked. and it's true what they say, girls are so much stronger than boys. claire screamed a tiny bit but she did so much better than landon ever did during his vaccinations. we'll see if she stays nice and strong or not. she seems to be having a little bit of a tougher time with the actual effects of the vaccines than landon used to though, as she's pretty cranky all around and also super tired. that's okay, it just gives me more excuses to cuddle her all day and not do the dishes or vacuum. c; and luckily for me, landon is on his best behavior today, which makes me so happy since yesterday (and the day before) he refused his nap. 

tomorrow we're headed to my sister's house to watch the first duck game of the season. GO DUCKS! and even though it's probably going to be a boring game and a blow-out and all, i'm still really excited football season is here. WHO AM I?! then tomorrow evening i have a bridal shower to attend with my sweet little girl in two and i am so happy to get to celebrate one of my oldest friends getting married, since i am unable to attend her wedding in a couple of weeks. 

sunday is our day to attend the oregon state fair. it's one of my favorite end-of-summer traditions and this year we are going with my mom and step-dad. last year landon was pretty into all of the animals in the livestock pavilion so i'm really looking forward to seeing his reaction this year as he's older and knows more of the animals and all. and, this year he should be tall enough to ride some rides! i'm keeping my fingers crossed he wants to ride the carousel with me. 

so, i thought i'd share a few things i've found this week (and some from last week, too) around the internet since i'll be busy the rest of this weekend! but i'll be back next week with some pictures of our time at the fair. have a great (long!) labor day weekend!


i am in love with this calendar. i need it hanging in my house somewhere. 

these hand painted signs are seriously cute.

naomi has been blogging for six years now and in celebration, has a ton of giveaways going on over on her blog love taza. go check it out! 

did you see danielle AND mandy had their little guys this month? they're so precious.

i think taylor is freaking hilarious and love her 'best week ever' posts. 

some breathtaking photos from around the world

my current wishlist for fall? this dress, this tunic, these sneakers.

gosh, these little pies look yummy!

little hipsqueaks makes tunics now. i'm dying over this ice cream one!

i know it's early but i couldn't help but think about claire's birthday when i saw this cake.

southwest opened up their flight schedule through april 6. i can't wait for vegas next spring!

the cost of raising a baby today. and i'm raising two?!

outdoor giant jenga? yes, please!

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