08.27.13 | SIX WEEKS

that sleeping beauty up there passed the six-week mark yesterday. it's been a crazy six weeks, and i've loved every minute of it. well, if i'm being totally honest, i haven't loved every minute. especially not those minutes at three in the morning when she's wide awake. other than that, it's been a blast.

we had her six week check-up tonight and even though we have to go back on friday to get her vaccinations, i'm so happy we did. you see, landon was breastfed and formula-fed. we had to supplement him with formula because my supply never quite got up to what he needed from being in nicu for so long. and i was okay with that. this time around, claire is only breastfed. sure, there's the occasional breast milk given in a bottle (that's happened twice) but really, she's at the breast most of the day. and i've always wondered in the back of my mind if i'm producing enough milk. she eats A LOT and she spits up A LOT. and there are times when she acts like she hasn't eaten all day long and then when i offer it to her, she acts like there's nothing there. so, sometimes i second guess myself and question my decision to exclusively breast-feed. sometimes i want to give up and just give her a bottle, that way i would know exactly how much she was getting. well, today all of that changed. 

today at her check-up, she measured 23 and 1/4 inches long and weighed a whopping 12 pounds, 12 ounces. that's two pounds, two ounces in four short weeks. and that, my friends, is worth patting myself on the back for. no more of this doubting myself nonsense. my body is doing exactly what my baby girl needs it to do, and that feels darn good.

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