08.24.13 | MOMENTS

photo courtesy of landon. 
there's about twenty others just like it on my phone.

does anyone else feel like this month is just crawling along? seriously, i feel like august should have come and gone already. now, i'm not wanting the year to move quicker or anything, and i definitely don't want the warm summer weather to leave, i'm just tired of THIS month. nothing special has happened, it feels like justin has been working an awful lot and for the majority of this month it's felt like it hasn't actually been summer. sure, it's been muggy and everything but the sun seems like it's just been hiding. and if the sun isn't going to actually be out, then it should probably just be september already, right?

plus, if august ever does actually end, that means i'll just have one more month under my belt of being a mama to two. and that sounds pretty darn good right about now. 

things have been okay lately, this being a mama to two. sure, i've had my moments. moments where i just want to be kid-free for a bit or use the bathroom without having the door open or sleep without a baby in my arms. i've had moments of frustrated tears (both on my part and landon's), moments where i just want to get out of the house without children, moments where i have a tiny meltdown because NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT OH MY GOSH. 

but then i have a moment when i'm holding baby girl and landon comes over and asks me to play and i remember how much i wanted this moment - how much i wanted to be a mama to two. and all of those other moments kind of just fade away. 

until the next day, that is. c;

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