08.20.13 | A MONTH LATER

another month has come and gone in my children's lives and this time, claire passed the one-month mark. i'm five days late in posting this and was a day late in taking her actual pictures but i did it! and that's all that matters, right?! 

at one-month old, claire likes to nurse every two to three hours. she nurses quickly and only from one side at a time. which, really means she eats all day long.

at one-month-old, claire's bed of choice is in my arms. she sleeps the best there and even though i'm not getting the best, most restful sleep, at least i'm sleeping.

at one-month-old, claire is still a really gassy baby. i've cut out dairy and that seems to be helping a bit. it's still trial and error figuring out what she can and can not tolerate.

at one-month-old, claire is wearing three month outfits. and she's filling them out quite nicely.

at one-month-old, claire has really bad baby acne. 

at one-month-old, claire also gets heat rashes often.

at one-month-old, claire is becoming more alert and is awake for longer periods of time. unfortunately, those periods of wakefulness happen most frequently from 10 or 11 at night until about one or three in the morning.

at one-month-old, claire has slept through the night once. and by through the night, i mean from 11pm until 4am. 

at one-month-old, claire is the cuddliest, happiest, best baby girl. she's the perfect addition to our family.

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