after a fresh cut

yeah, it's a nerdy post title but i don't care. i try to cut landon's hair once a month. that doesn't always happen and it probably will get done even less now that i've got another baby in the house. 

he got his first trim when he was only four months old. four months! most parents get to wait a year or longer before they have to cut their baby's hair. not us. that first time we took him to a salon, and we may have taken him a couple more times after that, he did really well for a four-month-old. after those few times, i couldn't justify spending extra money every month that could be used for diapers when i could just cut it at home. i mean, he's a little boy. and it's JUST HAIR. if i screwed it up, it'd just grow back. and quickly, i might add. so, i tried it. and then again. and again and again and again. 

i think i'm pretty good at it. obviously, i'm no professional and i'm pretty hard on myself for a few days after i cut it but for the most part, i'm pretty happy with how it turns out. it seems that every time i am cutting it though, i can't remember how i did it the month before, and kind of psych myself out a bit! 

anyway, i'm having a really hard time trying to figure out an actual style for landon. i don't want to buzz it (ever!) but his hair lays in such a way that unless i get it wet every single day and put product in it, it just goes flat. and i feel like it ends up looking more or less like a bowl cut.

bowl cut or not, he's still super cute

sorry, i really don't know where this post is going. i started with good intentions and then it just fizzled out. and into kind of, well, rambling. about hair! so, ideas? should i take him to a barber and have them cut it and then i can just keep it up after? or should i just find a picture online and go for it? decisions, decisions. 

i'm about this close to thinking about switching 
from blogger to something else. 
it's just getting ridiculous, what with me not
being able to change my font or color choices and having it stick. 

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