with having had a baby a mere four weeks ago, i've been itching to get my pre-baby body back. and by pre-baby, i mean pre-babies. now i know that it takes more than just getting off the couch and doing something, ya know, exercising. it also entails eating better. and i feel like i've been doing a pretty good job with the eating better thing. i've had to cut out milk (again, ugh) because it doesn't seem to sit well with baby girl's tummy and really, i've noticed that after not having milk products, once i do it doesn't sit well with me either. now, i haven't completely cut it all out - i still eat butter and some cheese and small amounts of yogurt in things isn't bothersome. but for the most part, milk is out. 

with that said, once i get my pre-babies body back, i'd really like to get myself a skirt like that one up there. those bell-shaped skirts are just too good. too darn good. 

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