last friday, we decided to go to the coast. my sister-in-law invited us to tag along so the cousins could play in the sand together and i was all for it. we got up bright and early (8am, which is early with a newborn and all), got ourselves and all of our gear together, and headed out. 

everything was going great. claire was sleeping, landon was content in the backseat and despite justin and i being extremely tired, we were hanging in there. about ten minutes outside of newport, landon started fussing a bit. we figured he was bored so i gave him my phone to play a new app i had just downloaded for him. he played with it for a few minutes before he started fussing again. and, because we're awesome parents and all, we figured he wanted to do something else so i put on an episode of bubble guppies. 

as soon as we got into newport and turned onto hwy 101, i look back to check on landon and what do i see? my little boy immediately starts vomiting. all over everything. and then, he does it again. my heart immediately broke for him and justin pulled over into a subway parking lot. we quickly got him out of the car, and out of his clothes, and cleaned him and his carseat (and my phone screen) up. unfortunately for us, we didn't plan ahead and bring him extra warm pants or jacket. we did bring a tank top and light pants though, yay us! so, poor little guy had to stand in the cold oregon coast weather in the middle of a parking lot right along hwy 101 in his tank top and windbreaker-like pants. parenting fail. 

justin got his carseat all cleaned up and we wrapped all of his vomit-soaked clothes in a beach towel to head north to lincoln city. landon immediately fell asleep and justin stopped in at the outlet stores and picked up a new pair of jeans, a long-sleeved top and a little hoodie. there was no way we were gonna miss out on coast food and at least a quick walk out onto the beach. plus, we figured he was just car sick and not sick sick. 

unfortunately, all of this extra stopping (plus a quick run into walgreens to get more wipes since we used up our road trip stash on all the puke) meant we missed out on the family beach excursion and lunch with them. by the time we were ready to eat (which we did, at kyllo's), they were ready to pack up and leave. so, landon didn't get to play with his cousin on the beach after all, he had to settle for daddy. and that was pretty sad since basically the whole way to the coast he kept saying "jack-on, o-ten?". BUT he had fun nonetheless, and showed no more signs of throwing up the rest of the trip.

luckily for us, by the time we were ready to head to the beach, the weather cleared up and the sun came out. it was still windy and a tad bit chilly, but nothing like it was earlier in the day. oh! and this was officially claire's first trip to the beach. she slept through it, obviously.  we spent about an hour on the sand, pushing landon's truck around and picking up rocks. justin and i were definitely ready to leave when we did, what with us both feeling off from the puke disaster. and the ride home? well, let's just say it blew. claire woke up and i spent the majority of the ride home facing backwards trying to get her to keep her pacifier in her mouth and landon decided he was going to do his fake cry basically the whole way back home. so, that was fun. 

will we be making a trip back to the coast any time soon? probably not. i don't know if i can handle it. c;

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