07.31.13 | BEING A MAMA TO TWO

being a mama to two littles is the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. it's also the most challenging, time-consuming and tiring job i've ever had. every day brings a new set of tantrums, sleep deprivation is on the rise and i don't think i've ever seen so much spit-up. BUT! it also brings big brother kisses, uncontrollable gummy smiles, never-ending snuggles, and lots and lots of costco muffins. because, they're quick and easy and i'm all about quick and easy these days. 

some things i've learned in the past two weeks:

// the minute you come home from the hospital, your toddler will decide that he definitely doesn't need a nap anymore. no matter how hard you try, he's just not going to do it. that is, unless auntie comes over and wears him out to no end by taking him to the park and playing.

// since naps are out of the question, quiet time is the next best thing. unless of course your child doesn't understand the concept of quiet time and is constantly climbing up on his window seat and scaring the bejeesus out of you every time you walk in his room to tell him to be a little more quiet. because, that's my child, obviously. 

// friends and family that make you meals, take you out to eat or just watch your kids so you can eat in peace are keepers. don't let them stray too far because even when you think you're ready to make a nice meal at home, you probably aren't. 

// being home alone with two kids while your husband goes back to work for the first time isn't bad. in fact, it's pretty great. at least, for me it was. (that was day one, day two on the other hand, blew.)

// as much as you may not want to co-sleep this time around, baby may have other ideas. and when it's three in the morning and you've gotten a whopping two hours of sleep from when you went to bed, pulling baby into bed with you looks mighty tempting. just do it.

// remember how when baby #1 would cry and you would pick him up immediately? yeah, that doesn't happen with baby #2. you don't just ignore her completely, obviously, but you're busy with two kids and all. she can cry a tiny bit and be just fine.

// just because baby #1 never EVER spit-up, that doesn't mean baby #2 won't. 

// sleep sacks are still your best friend this time around. them, and aden + anais swaddling blankets.

// for me, the hardest time of the day has been breakfast. both kids are hungry, i'm hungry and i just don't have the time (or energy first thing in the morning) to make a super nice healthy meal. costco has saved my life with their muffins.

// really, you don't have to stress over your first child not getting enough attention or being jealous of the new baby. at least, i didn't have to. landon has accepted the change swimmingly and i'm so proud of him. sure, he has his moments but really, i think that's more because he's two and not because there's a new baby in the house. we just make sure to keep him involved in basically everything we're doing with baby girl. and he's a natural helper anyway, so that rocks. 

// maybe it's because baby girl wasn't placed in nicu right away or maybe it's because she's my second baby or maybe it's because i don't have going back to work looming in the distance, but i don't have feelings of jealousy when other people are holding her like i did with landon. and that's nice. it gives me a break and lets me focus on landon a little more.

all in all, i wouldn't change anything about the past two weeks. well, other than that little emergency room visit two days after coming home (i'll explain more later). it's been a blast, seriously. every one should have two kids. c;

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  1. ya! totally agree. With everything, lol. :) Looking forward to another visit soon!!


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