the day we met claire was beautiful. we got to watch the sun rise from our birthing suite, i had the best nurses imaginable and despite only getting two hours of sleep prior to starting contractions, i felt great. i won't go into great detail with her birth (like i did landon, mainly because i don't have as much time) but i'll give it to you short and sweet. 

contractions started for me at 2am, we called justin's parents at 3am to come stay at our house with landon and we left for the hospital at 4am. i got my epidural at about 6am, found out i was dilated to almost a seven, started pushing at 9am and she was born just after 10am. 

the experience was so much different than with landon - i'll share why on a later date. she came out crying, which was good because she had pooped in utero, so i was able to hold her straight away. 

 ^only 11 ounces lighter than landon.
 ^justin gave her her first bath and boy, was she in heaven.
 ^this kid. seriously, best big brother, ever.
 ^and this lady. best nurse, ever.

it was such a wonderful experience, bringing another life into our world. and yes, she does look exactly like landon. it's actually really weird, and awesome, all at the same time.

all pictures are from our "big" camera.
i've got more pics from my iphone that i'll share another day.
thanks to all the peeps who helped take these.

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