07.12.13 | DEAR LANDON

you, my boy, are my whole world. you made me a mama and it was seriously the best thing, ever. 

you light up my days. counting, singing the alphabet with me, pointing out colors, finding letters on things and saying what they are; i love seeing the world through your eyes. 

you melt my heart every time you say "mom" or "mama" and the way you copy your daddy is seriously one of the cutest things i have ever seen. 

the way you dance, the way you say "kitty cat", how proud you are of yourself when you put your juice away in the fridge, your eagerness to help with anything, your love for your allergy medicine. gosh, all of it is so darn precious.

pretty soon, you're going to be a big brother. and yes, things will be different. it won't just be me and you anymore during the day. and for a little while, i'm going to be really busy with your little sister. and yet, you're going to be a fantastic big brother. i can just see you now - bending down to give claire kisses and hugs, helping me during diaper changes or when claire is fussy, reading stories together - it's going to be a wonderful time. and sure, there will be times when you get frustrated or unhappy because i'm not just your mama anymore but just remember, i'm still your mama. that will never, ever, change. 

i will always be there for "owies" and snack time and eskimo kisses. i'll always have an abundance of hugs and kisses and time for stories. i'll always play cars with you and do puzzles and draw pictures. and don't you worry, we'll still have our time alone together. your daddy is pretty great at taking care of babies and we'll make sure to have mama-and-landon dates. 

you, my boy, mean everything to me. i love you so.

love, mama

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