07.10.13 | SIX DAYS

 eating "i cream" like a big boy

it's hard to believe that in only six short days, my due date will be here. and that little guy up there won't be my only child any longer. doesn't that just seem unreal? right now i'm watching him make me something to eat (from his kitchen) and it is seriously one of the most precious things ever. he is so careful to wash his spoons and put the cupcakes in the oven, it's too cute.

with only six days left (i think longer, justin thinks less), we've really been getting our butts in gear. i've got my hospital bag packed, which is a huge deal for me, and a list of things written out to pack landon's bag once the time comes. claire's stuff is also packed in my bag and it's just all so cute and tiny. 

i'm in full-on nesting mode over here, too. i finished organizing claire's room yesterday (minus the tools & stuff that justin needs to take out of there), have been doing laundry like a mad woman and swept and vacuumed downstairs today. it's too bad my nesting urges haven't convinced me to clean off our kitchen counters. c;

our fridge and freezer is stocked to the brim with easy to prepare meals and we bought a bottle drying rack yesterday (which we never had when landon was bottle-feeding). i fully intend on nursing claire and really hope that she takes to it well, but if she's anything like landon was, i'll probably have to supplement with some formula. 

i had my second-to-last scheduled ob/gyn appointment yesterday and found out that i am three centimeters dilated. now, that doesn't particularly mean anything apparently but maybe, just maybe, i'm close. and we also talked about delivery. the plan is for a vaginal birth (yippee!). if i go over my due date, there's the possibility of an induction only because she's already probably a pretty big girl but we'll figure that out when the time comes. 

i've seriously been having the best time lately with my little boy. he's been a peach just about every day, even though he can't sit on my lap anymore, and i'm soaking up every last bit with him as my one and only. we've been really working on our letters and numbers and he is kicking butt. just yesterday, i discovered that he can count to 13. 13!! when did that happen?! and he's basically copying every single word we say so we've got to be conscious of that. soon, my little boy isn't going to look so little. and my heart cringes just a little bit thinking about it.


  1. Seriously, when Ash was born, Zeek looked like an over-night 4-year-old! Cannot wait to meet Miss Claire!

  2. I'm getting really excited for you guys!


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