07.07.13 | OUR SUNDAY

our day today was awesome. seriously. landon slept in until 950 which meant we all slept in until 950. and then we had donuts. so really, my day was made by about 1030. and then! then we got ready, packed up the car and headed to the coast. we had a picnic lunch on the beach (which i don't know if i've ever done before) and spent a good hour or two just hanging out. the weather was perfect, which is almost hard to believe, i know, and we had the best time. landon thoroughly enjoyed himself digging in the sand and transferring said sand to a big bucket. and ripley was even well-behaved for once!
we came home, made dinner and then spent the rest of our evening in the front yard. justin mowed, weed-whacked and edged the lawn, landon popped some leftover pop-its on the driveway and i sat. being only nine days away from my due date is glamorous, let me tell ya. after our front yard play time, landon got a bath and i noticed my shins got burnt from sitting out on the beach. never have i ever gotten burnt at the oregon coast.
seriously, best day ever. and now, i'm ready for bed. 

*also, i know i'm about to pop.
i don't need you to remind me,
random people everywhere.
k, thanks.


  1. oh, that pic of you two on the blanket is soo sweet! A framer, for sure! And Landon's crooked smile! omg, precious!! :)


thanks for the input!