07.01.13 | HAPPY JULY!

seriously, best "smile" face ever

gosh, this weekend has been crazy! it's been hot and just plain full of fun! we've really enjoyed ourselves, that's for sure. (be warned, it's full-on word vomit in this post.) 

on friday, landon and i were lucky enough for my dad to take us to dinner. he came to our house, picked us up and drove us there. it was so nice of him! justin was in portland for a wedding rehearsal and dinner so it was just us three. landon has really been showing us how much he is growing up by doing super well in restaurants. he sat the entire time we were there, not screaming or complaining or anything, ate all of his meal and was just all around so well behaved. after dinner, we had a quick visit with my grandma and then my dad took us back home.

i was up pretty late that night, waiting for justin to get home and when he did get home, we stayed up for a while longer so he could practice his best man toast. by the time we went to bed, he had it nailed.

i didn't sleep well at all on saturday and woke up for the day at 545. not exactly what i had in mind. i tried to go back to sleep for about another hour but when 7 o'clock rolled around and i was STILL wide awake, i decided to just get with it and shower. it actually made the morning better for me probably, because i wasn't running around trying to get things packed for our night away. we dropped landon off at my mom's house right before noon and then we were off to portland. we got there early, were able to check in at our hotel early (YES!) and had a quick bite to eat at pf chang's. justin had to be at the church at 3pm to get ready and take some pictures and stuff so i just hung out there until the wedding started. 

other than the church not being air conditioned and it being about 90 degrees outside, the wedding was beautiful. kitty and stu just radiated love and i was so happy to be there and witness their union. and, i just have to let you know how gorgeous kitty looked. i'm really disappointed in myself for not taking any pictures but seriously, she was stunning. after the ceremony, we walked about 4 blocks to the reception hall which, unfortunately, was also not air conditioned. for a nine-and-a-half month pregnant lady, all that heat and walking did not do me any good. by the time the toasts were given at the reception, i was basically dead. i had to leave before the reception was over (which i'm pretty bummed about) because i just wasn't feeling well. and! i didn't even eat the cake! so, i'm also bummed about that, ya know, because i've got a major sweet tooth and all. we got back to the hotel and i took a freezing cold shower and then laid in bed the rest of the night. our ac in our room wasn't putting out like it should have been so i was pretty miserable then, too. buuuut, it could have just been because i'm pregnant and everything. so, justin met with a friend of his in the bar downstairs while i stayed upstairs trying to give my poor swollen feet a break (which, couldn't fit back into my shoes, mind you) and watched con air until i fell asleep.

sunday morning we leisurely got up, got ready and headed out the door to have a late breakfast at mother's. oh man, it was gooood. i got the crunchy french toast this time and i have to say, it was darn tasty. after breakfast, we headed back towards home, first dropping off some wedding tuxes. ya know, best man duty. c; we picked up our boy and both landon and i took a nap. that evening, we celebrated our friend emily's 31st birthday party and had such a fun time watching all the kiddos play together. 

today (which isn't really the weekend but is for us because justin has it off) consisted of a dr. appt for me and another appointment to get a holster heart monitor placed on me because i've been having weird heart palpitations. i have to wear it for 24 hours, record any weird feelings in a journal and make sure to not sweat. which, is easier said than done when it's 91 degrees out! luckily, we have ac so it hasn't been too bad. still not sure if claire's gonna be born via c-section or natural but i'm not too worried about it. also, i tested positive for group b strep this time around so that means i get to have antibiotics during labor. yippee!

okay, i think that's all the big stuff we did this weekend. we can't believe that it's already july and claire will be making her debut sometime this month! it doesn't seem that long ago that it was april 2011 and we were preparing to meet landon. gosh, time sure flies!


  1. SORRY about the lack of AC!! I can't believe it was soooo hot in June. :( And, THANK YOU for the sweet shout out.

    1. no need to apologize! we had so much fun, regardless, and wouldn't have had it any other way. c;


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