oh ya know, just sleeping with his sunnies on and his leg kicked up

today we're heading up to portland to celebrate stu & kitty, since they're getting married and everything. we couldn't be more excited! we'll be staying overnight in portland at what looks like a pretty nice hotel and are looking forward to a little bit of alone time without the kiddo. well, i say that now, we'll see how i feel about it tonight. and now, without any more stalling, here's some links! 

need a pick-me-up? head to starbucks today from 3-5pm and get HALF OFF their refreshers. yum!

if you follow the nba at all, you know all about the trades happening right now. being married to my husband, i am a laker fan (obviously) and am super annoyed at dwight howard right now. this article makes him sound like such a baby (to me, anyway). just leave already!

also regarding the nba: are you happy with the celtics/nets deal? i'm not sure what to think about it. 

i'm a big vince vaughan fan and when my husband showed me the trailer for the internship, i was amused. i'm thinking i just might want to rent it once it's out on redbox.

i also can't wait for catching fire to come out! it's my favorite book of the series. 

once my feet stop swelling and get back to normal, i'd love to get these sandals.

i made these chicken and spinach taquitos this week and boy oh boy were they good! they're definitely being added to the monthly meal rotation. as well as this salsa.

did you see? kinfolk digital is live!

i unfortunately have a major sweet tooth right now and can't wait to make these.

i have yet to get a shellac manicure. i know, i'm really late to the party. i am contemplating getting one of these, though. have you ever used it?

landon is obsessed with cars, especially the movie, and he's been getting more and more pieces to add to his collection. i really want to get him something like this car transporter.

little hipsqueaks graduated from etsy and launched their new site last week! she's got such great new colors and patterns, i'm having a hard time resisting buying one of everything for claire. like these leggings!

thinking of going primal? our pal stu launched a site a couple of weeks ago full of helpful tips to get started. check it out

and just because it's my blog and i can post whatever i want: what are your thoughts on kimye's baby name choice? i, for one, think it's so silly!

okay, have a great weekend everyone! i know we will, what with a fun wedding and finally getting some gorgeous summer weather here in the pnw. 

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