he's feeding me a cracker, if you couldn't tell

right now, i'm super emotional. which means it's probably not the best time to be writing a blog post but whatever. i'm nine months pregnant, full-term tomorrow, and i just don't care anymore. so, i'm going to write anyway.

//i feel like i haven't seen my husband in forever. which, in actuality, it's been about 28 hours since i've really seen him because the goodbye kiss this morning doesn't count since i didn't really open my eyes. and the reason i haven't seen him is because he's on-call right now and has been at a hospital since about three this afternoon. technically, i saw him a teeny bit on facetime tonight but that was more for landon's sake than my own. and basically, it sucks. i don't do very well when he's not home for any length of time and since he was on-call this last weekend and i got robbed of my weekend with him and he's been gone all day, too and he's gonna be gone all day tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and then not get home until SUPER late friday night because he'll be doing his best man duties for a wedding on saturday let's just say i'm a little sad about it. 

//our living room tv broke on friday. like, landon and i were watching robin hood and it just shut off. yeah, that sucked. i mean, really, it shouldn't matter that much and it really doesn't it's just the thought of paying to repair it and/or replace it sucks. luckily for us i've got a really great and smart dad who has offered to try and fix it for us so my fingers are crossed that'll work.

//also on friday, i determined i have ringworm. which is gross. and it makes me feel gross and i'm almost too disgusted with it that i don't even want to write it out on here. but i am, because i'm pregnant and i don't make the best decisions when i'm pregnant, obviously. but anyway, i got a last-minute appointment with my doctor to confirm my suspicions and she told me it's not ringworm, that it's some pregnancy rash called puppps. but you know what?! i don't believe her. i looked up that pregnancy rash and none of my symptoms are even remotely close to what that rash is. nope, it's ringworm. i'm sure of it. so, i went out and bought myself some anti-fungal topical medication that's supposed to make it go away in about two weeks to a month. and since i've been using it for about 48 hours now, i shouldn't be contagious anymore, so that's good. because i've been diligently washing my clothes and bed sheets and trying not to touch landon (which is really hard) or anything else that my skin might come into contact with. luckily for me it's been rainy and cold here lately so at least i can bundle up in long pants and shirts instead of feeling super hot doing so. and, just so you know in case you didn't already: ringworm is NOT an actual worm. it's a topical skin fungus. and who knows, maybe it's not ringworm. but i'm pretty certain it is. so i get to add that to my lovely skin conditions, yay!

//landon can count to ten (!!!) and it basically makes me want to cry every single time. he's so cute when he counts (especially when he says the number seven) and it just reminds me that he's growing up so quickly. he's also got almost all of his alphabet figured out (not in order, mind you, but he can recognize just about every single letter) and that's pretty cute, too.

//also, landon has been napping for me again! it's like a dream come true! it takes him a while to fall asleep but once he does, it's pretty much a guarantee that he'll sleep for about two hours. and it's amazing. bed time though is a little trickier. now, not in the way that he doesn't want to go to bed or anything but it takes him FOREVER to fall asleep. like tonight for instance, i left his room at 825 and it's now about 915 and he's still in there, just talking every so often, saying things like "choo-choo!!". and then, he ends up sleeping in until 9ish (which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful and everything) but that just means that we're stuck at home without the car all day. and so we can't go anywhere and that just blows. 

//i am so incredibly ready to have this baby. my weekly email updates and my pregnancy book keep telling me that i should feel less movement so i should be tracking those movements. well guess what? that's not happening. she hasn't slowed down one bit! now, i know i should be happy about this and just reveling in the fact that i am pregnant and all that but right now, right now i just want her to lay still long enough for me to be comfortable and sleep. just for a little bit. maybe not be moving ALL DAY LONG and give me a break every now and then? that would be heavenly. but really, i just want to get this labor and delivery over with sooner than later since she's obviously going to be super big and everything. but not until after this weekend, since we have a wedding to go to. after that, ANY TIME BABY GIRL. 

//i am also so ready for summer to finally get here and stay. i mean, c'mon. what is up with all this rain? my dog is so ready for long walks in the mornings and evenings and so am i! and landon, he's so tired of being stuck indoors all day. now, i could be the cool mom that lets her kid go outside and play in the rain and jump in puddles but i'm not. i don't want to get wet and i don't want my kid to get wet and that just sounds miserable. plus i'm ready for bbq's and s'mores and corn on the cob and sprinklers and all the other fun things that come with summer. 

and now, i just got a text from my hubby that he's hopefully on his way home. and i'm so ready to see him walk through that door and give him a big 'ole hug and not let go. so with that, i'm signing off. thanks for listening..


  1. Oh sweet lacey, u sound like u married a farmer. Hang in there sweetheart. Your just about at the finish line and ready to receive your reward. If its worth anything I'm so proud of you and the wonderful woman you've become. I'm praying for you. Blessings. Dania


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