06.20.13 | ME & MY BOY

there's only a few more weeks left until baby girl gets here. i've been soaking up as much time as i can with my little boy and i still feel like it's not enough. we haven't been doing very much "fun stuff" seeing as how i'm very pregnant and i don't have it in my heart to wake him up early enough so we can have the car on a regular basis but he doesn't seem to mind. we've been filling our days with couch snuggles while watching a cartoon here or there, playing over and over with cars, play-dough, laundry and other cleaning activities he loves to help with and making dinners on a regular basis. oh, and there's the occasional "no landon, it's not nice to run our car into ripley" or "landon, please stay off of ripley's bed" or "ripley doesn't like it when we pull his fur out landon". c;

as excited as i am to bring claire home, i constantly catch myself worrying about how landon will adapt. justin keeps telling me to tell myself that "landon will do great, everything will be fine", when i start to worry about it but it's hard. it's just one of those things that i don't think i'll ever get over, even when claire is here. landon has been my entire world for the past two years and pretty soon, he'll have to share me with someone else. it's a scary thought, rocking this boy's world with a baby sister, but also a really thrilling thought to see him interact with her. (i also need to get over my anxiety of leaving him with grandparents while we're in the hospital, but i have issues with leaving him at any time so that's probably not going to happen any time soon.)

i know things will work out, i just need to have faith. c:

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  1. Yes, he'll have to share you with someone else...but he'll also be gaining a friend for life!


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