06.18.13 | 36 WEEKS

today, i am 36 weeks pregnant. that means i have roughly a month left and it also means yesterday was my last growth ultrasound to predict how big claire will be. well, at least we think so. you see, i got a call today from my doctor's office letting me know how big they think she currently is. just to remind you, landon was 10lbs 11oz and 23 inches long when he was born. now, they didn't tell me how long they think she is but they did give me an estimate on weight. any guesses? no? okay.
she's measuring at 7lbs 5oz. that's almost an entire pound-and-a-half bigger than most babies at this stage! during the ultrasound, when the tech measured the circumference of her belly, the gestational age was at 40 weeks. and when he measured her head, she was at 37 weeks. and from what my doc told me early on, if her belly was measuring A LOT bigger than her head, then it's possible we'll be doing a c-section. now, she didn't have the nurse tell me that over the phone and i won't see my doc again for two more weeks since next week is a rotation, so i'm not letting myself get concerned quite yet.
so basically, i better prepare my body for another huge kiddo.
other points of interest at 36 weeks (to me, at least):
// two weeks ago, i hadn't gained any weight during the prior two weeks. in fact, i lost weight! but, then this week it looks like i packed on four(ish) more pounds. so obviously claire bulked up quite a bit in that time frame.
// i am currently at the point where i can't sleep. no matter how hard i try. if i do happen to sleep, it's in the middle of the day (when j's home) but at night, no way. oh, and apparently i like to wake up around 530 for no reason at all. that's lovely.
// it looks like my thyroid is doing what it's supposed to be doing with my current dosage of medication. i had more blood drawn yesterday but as of now, i don't have to up my dosage again.
// my favorite snack right now is apples & cheese. and if you're offering, i'll also take a chocolate frosty. but not every day, since i'm watching claire's weight and all. c;
// phase two of nesting is complete. so far, the fridge, pantry and my bedroom have been cleaned out and re-organized. it feels darn good.
// oh, and i've got my hospital bag half-packed.


thanks for the input!