06.16.13 | FATHERS

enchanted forest, waiting for a train ride

father's day is such an important day for me. not only because of my two dad's who have taught me so much and shown me so much love, but for my wonderful husband and the amazing father he is. it's a special thing - the bond a child has with their father - and i am so lucky that my children will grow up having such an amazing one with theirs, i'm sure. 

he is quick to play - spends hours upon hours outdoors with landon, teaching him how to pull weeds and mow the lawn and water the plants - lets landon help with whatever he's doing - always willing to get down on the floor to play cars or puzzles or to just let landon climb all over him. 

i can only imagine all of the lengths he'll go to once his baby girl is here to make her happy. 

happy father's day babe. and to the rest of the fathers: happy father's day to you, too. may your day be filled with love and happiness as you spend it with the ones you love. 

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