06.14.13 | LATELY

i feel like we've been doing a lot lately, but that's probably not true. 

this week brought a lot of gloomy weather so we were stuck inside more than we wanted to be. but, i'm kind of okay with it. especially since i got to snuggle on the couch with my favorite two-year-old and watch robin hood one day and fox and the hound on another. 

a few things we have done though:

//we took landon to a local fish hatchery on sunday. he absolutely loved it. you can buy a handful of fish food for $.25 and he was in heaven dropping the pellets into the water, one by one.

//spent some more baby shower money at the good 'ole target and bought some drapes for claire's room. we took the doors off of her closet to open her room up a bit and i'm really excited to hang the drapes on it instead. they're so pretty! now to just buy some spray paint so we can change up the color of the curtain rod.

//i vacuumed, swept and mopped the downstairs today. all before 10! and then ripley came inside and promptly shook his little furry body around and we have fur everywhere again. oh, the joys of dog ownership. c;

//landon got a last-minute doctor appointment last week determining that he probably has a pollen allergy, just like his dad. so now he's on some 24-hour allergy medication. it seems to be helping for the most part! and, he loves it.

//i am currently raising a donut-eating-monster. also, a monster that loves key lime pie flavored yogurt. 

//i've been expanding our recipe rotation for meals and so far, so good. we're trying a new homemade chicken taquitos and salsa recipe tonight. fingers crossed we all like it!

//i finally caved and bought myself some ice cream this pregnancy. i've been pretty good about not eating it like i did when pregnant with landon, in hopes that it keeps claire a little bit smaller. but sometimes you just have to give in to your cravings, right? and i'm glad i did because i found a new favorite flavor of ben & jerry's: imagine whirled peace (i think that's what it's called). 

we're looking forward to a warm and sunny weekend before the rain comes back next week. also, we get to see baby girl on monday for our last growth ultrasound. fingers crossed she's in the head-down position and she's not too big!

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