06.07.13 | A FARM VISIT

one of justin's co-worker's invited us out to her farm so landon could visit some of the animals. it took us longer than we planned but we finally made it out there last weekend. landon was able to pet some goats, chickens, chicks, dogs, and a horse. he even rode the horse for a couple of steps! she was just at the end of weaning the calves off of bottles so landon got to "help" with that. unfortunately, the calves didn't want to get any closer and so landon was unable to pet them. two of the hens laid an egg while we were there so landon got to collect them! he seemed pretty proud of himself. his favorite part though was definitely petting the chicks. i think it's safe to say that we're gonna have to go to our local farm supply store come chick season. c;

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