with justin's job, he gets to have every other monday off! we look forward to those long weekends as a family, as we are able to get a lot of stuff done AND we try to fit in something fun to do as well. this last monday, i had an early morning ob/gyn appointment and since the weather was looking particularly fantastic, we decided to pack a lunch and head for silver falls after the appointment. boy, am i glad we did!

we started our day there with a picnic lunch near the outdoor playset. after we ate, landon went down the slide a few times before we enticed him with a waterfall sighting. we only hiked down to the first fall because, well, i'm pregnant. getting to the fall was easy but it was the hike back up that killed me. i don't think i would have been able to go any further. luckily, we had just picked up the ergobaby original carrier from target the friday before and were really excited to use it. justin was a little skeptical at first about how comfortable it would actually be with a 27-pound toddler on his back but after getting it on, he realized how amazing it was. landon did awesome in it and when he started getting upset about the spray from the waterfall, we just flipped the little hood up and he was happy. 

we had such a good time and can't wait to go back. probably not this summer, what with claire making her arrival sometime in the next month but who knows?! maybe i'll feel super adventurous. 

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