progression of a car nap

lately, naps have been non-existent. and we're pretty upset about it over here. well, i am. it doesn't really affect justin seeing as how he's not pregnant and he goes to work monday thru friday and so not having a nap on saturday or sunday isn't as big of a deal. but for me, let's just say i'm not ready for it.

baby girl will be making her debut sometime in the next four-to-seven weeks and i was really looking forward to the rare occasion of both of my children napping at the same time, so i could nap as well. and as of right now, that doesn't look like it'll be happening. at all.

don't get me wrong. i loooove spending time with my son. seriously, i eat it up. he's probably the most fun person i know right now. i mean, he's cute, he laughs at my jokes, he lets me tickle him so i can hear his belly laugh (which, is the best sound in the world), he pretty much thinks i'm awesome, yada yada yada. but i do look forward to nap time. especially since i'm 33 weeks pregnant. it's really what gets me through the day. and lately, i've been struggling as the kind of mom that does fun things with my kid and doesn't just put a cartoon on so he'll sit still for 30 minutes and i can snooze on the couch next to him. 

we've still been putting him in his room at nap time, but it doesn't really do any good. he talks to his stuffies, plays with them and eventually, he'll open all the drawers in his dresser that he can and pull all of his nicely folded clothes out. so that's always fun to walk into after he was supposed to be asleep. and really, you would think that i could put him in there and get a little shut-eye but nope! he's either too noisy or i feel too guilty or whatever. basically, it blows. 

and you know what else? i try really hard to wear him out in the morning in hopes of tiring him out and little good that does. he even spent all morning on sunday out in the backyard with justin, pulling weeds and stuff and you know what came of that? justin getting a page and having to leave for work and me being stuck with the little boy who refused his nap. and made a mess of his room. and acted awful cute doing so. but then! when we just don't try to give him a nap what does he do?! he falls asleep on the way to dinner in the car. or on the way home from getting groceries. or basically no matter what we're doing, if he's in the car, he passes out. so that tells me that he still needs a nap, right?! i mean, sheesh kid. give in to your tiredness! 

can i also complain for a minute about instagram?
it closes down on my every single time i try to upload a new pic.
it's getting old, fast. 


  1. bummer!! still not napping??!! I hope this stages changes quickly for your sake!! sorry girl!


thanks for the input!