05.17.13 | 31 WEEKS, ALMOST 32

claire, at 32 weeks

only just over eight weeks to go, so long as everything goes according to plan. we have another doctor appointment on monday but since i never did an update after our last appointment, i'll use those stats.

//claire is growing right on schedule. as of three weeks ago, she was measured at weighing three pounds, one ounce. that's pretty much smack dab in the middle of babies at that week.

//i am still measuring large BUT not as large as before. a few weeks ago i measured at five weeks ahead. then a month later it was down to four weeks and just this last appointment, i was down to only three weeks larger. so, that's a good thing!

//my doctor upped my thyroid medication and my iron intake, unfortunately. i've still been feeling pretty tired, more so recently, but i'm managing. BUT! i don't have gestational diabetes so that's exciting!

//i pretty much don't fit into anything i own besides maternity dresses so summer (or just really nice spring weather) needs to hurry on up and get here already.

//i have my baby shower this weekend which i am really looking forward to. it seems so crazy that it's already here! i'm really excited to spend some time with friends that i don't get to see very often.

//i got my first migraine yesterday. let me tell you, it killed me. i spent the majority of the day crying. crying because my head hurt, crying because justin was unable to come home from work to take landon to my mom's house and crying because i basically forced my child to watch more tv that he wanted to because i was feeling so terrible. the worst.

//because of my horrible day yesterday, i took a unisom before bed and what do you know?! it helped me sleep for almost six hours straight! and that, my friends, is a miracle. lately, i've been waking up every two hours, LIKE CLOCKWORK, and it's been horrible. so six hours straight was, like, unheard of and when i woke up this morning, no migraine! i felt so good that landon and i made banana oat muffins and i filled the dishwasher and got a shower in. seriously, 100x better than yesterday. 

i'm also really looking forward to this weekend because tonight i get to do a little prep work on my upcoming shower, we get to go to old navy in keizer tomorrow so i can buy a couple more maternity t's (and hopefully a cardigan) ANDDD we'll finally be able to watch the finale of the office (since we don't have tv). and if the weather is somewhat decent, we might even be able to get ripley together with my sister's dogs. wouldn't THAT be nice?

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